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Within 60 seconds it was clear this was a high-quality product. It stayed in place as I ran and best of all, the material did not irritate me whatsoever. First standout feature was that it stayed in place on my lower back. As I continued to run, it felt like nothing was back there at all. Next standout feature was that my sweat did not penetrate the inside of the Regalo wearable pocket. 

Solomon, Runner (Instagram @sshact3r)

Perfect size! Compact - fits everything you need without everything bouncing around like it can in a bum bag. The material is very smooth so everything slides in and out really easily, which is great! It looks like really good quality, is very well designed and constructed - you don't see well made things like this anymore! Everything else seems a bit cheap, especially a running wrist/arm band or bum bag - this is amazing and definitely beats the rest!

Lia, Personal Trainer, Amateur Boxer (Instagram @fitmejones)

I have needed this forever! So great and convenient! I am pumped about not having to carry my phone or having it bounce around in my pocket!

Margaret, Runner, Rock Climber (Instagram @runner4cake)

Everything about it looks great! I had wondered how it would stay on, but it proved itself without a problem! Standout features? High quality and durable. Super impressed with the thought put into this and that it is being made perfect before rushing to market. It exceeded my expectations! I am beyond thrilled my son with a severe peanut allergy can use this to carry his EpiPen’s while running and in everyday life. He wears it to school every day! 

Jill, Mother of 4, Ironman (Instagram @ironwillironjill)

I've always wanted a bag for running but couldn't seem to find it but I can't wait to run Boston Marathon with this bag and on all my long trainings.

Shay, Runner (Instagram @shaidaeshraghi)

On first impressions, the Regalo wearable pocket was very attractive. The size and shape were perfect for my running needs and the fabric was thicker and more luxurious than I was expecting. I've not seen anything quite like it. I was thrilled when I realised it was magnetised and even MORE excited when I realised I could fit my phone and my Clif bar. Before I ran, I was worried it would be too heavy, if it would pull my shorts down and if it would rub on my skin too much under my shorts. During, I was pleasantly surprised as I barely even noticed I was wearing it. It was also great as I could carry my phone (which I never do) for safety purposes. There was no irritation at all and I was running for almost three hours. I feel it would be perfect for runners, particularly during long runs or races. You need something that is not going to bounce and that you can access quickly and easily on the move. This does the job. Travelers would also benefit for the design as they could wear it for carrying their documents, money, phone, passport etc. safely under their clothes. Very convenient for the airport (e.g. carrying passport, boarding pass, ID etc.). I find the Regalo wearable pocket better than belts because a) it doesn't bounce b) felt much more luxurious c) fits my phone!

Sonia, Runner, Primary School Teacher (Instagram @the.running.angel)

Wore it at the front and didn't even know I had it on! It didn't move or slide! Felt great against my skin, sweat didn't even worry me and it dries fast! No irritation whatsoever. I did access it while working out and it was easy to get my keys and phone out! Also love the compartments. I would highly recommend this product!

Jennifer, Comedian (Instagram @jennifer.lovinglife)

Smooth, sleek and compact. I think I would have just continued to hold my keys or phone and put them on the ground or wherever while walking/working out outdoors, but this feels much safer. It is high quality for sure. The materials feel smooth and sturdy and the magnet close feature feels very strong.

Carolyn, Personal Trainer (Instagram @pilatefit)